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THIS WEEK: beginning January 20

PRAYER LIST: From our St. Luke Family: Eva Belle Sweitzer, Mary Hutchison, Gerald Brown, Shirley Wicks, our home bound members and the family and friends mourning the death of Ned Coates.

Family and friends: Cindy Cominski (friend of the Strother family), Barb and Jerry Wertz (friends of the Strother family) Memo Munoz (grandson of Bill and Glenda Merkel) Grant Bassett (nephew of Chris Knaur).
Servicemen and women serving in posts far from home, and our service men and women readjusting to their lives here in the States.

Nancy Long and Keith Shenberger (members picked randomly)

(To keep our prayer list current with needs, we will be updating/condensing weekly and removing names from the list every three weeks. If you wish to continue any prayer requests, we ask that you please fill out a card or notify the pastor.)

Monday: Day of Service food-packing event 9:00AM-11:00AM at Lycoming College, Staff meeting 10:00AM, Pre-School meeting 7:00PM
Tuesday: Shawl Ministry 9:00AM-12noon in the lounge
Thursday: Choir 7:00PM, Coin Club 7:00PM in BH
Friday: Cub Scouts 7:00PM TBA in BH

NEXT SUNDAY: Sunday, January 27th Third Sunday after Epiphany
8:00AM – Worship with Holy Communion in Chapel
9:15AM – Sunday School
10:30AM -Worship with Holy Communion

DAY OF SERVICE in memory of The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Monday, January 21st at 9AM Step/AmeriCorps will coordinate a Meal Packing Event for a Day of Service Project which will be held from 9AM-11AM at the Lycoming College Recreation Center. Meals will be distributed through our local Food Bank. For more information, see Pastor LeCrone. *This would make a great way to mark the birthday of the “man with a dream.”

SHAWL MINISTRY meet for knitting and crocheting on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd from 9AM-12noon, in the Chapel. All are welcome!

SEAFARERS It is time to think about the 2019 Seafarers Christmas collection. We ask for your response in January, in hopes you will take advantage of the after Christmas sales to purchase sweat shirts, t-shirts, and socks. There will be a table in the back of the church with a box underneath to place your donations. Remember, heavy sweatshirts with or without a hood in sizes large or extra large, T-shirts in sizes medium or large, and 3 pair of heavy white socks. The Seafarers like the shirts and sweat shirts with racing car drivers or sports teams. Thanks for your support and have a blessed 2019.

2019 OFFERING ENVELOPES may be picked up in the back of the nave. Please note, your offering envelope number may have changed, so please look for your name, not your number. If you have any questions, please contact the church office.

ALTAR FLOWERS If you are interested in sponsoring Altar flowers in memory/honor of someone, please call Becky Lewis at 570-321-6235. She will coordinate with you the Sunday of your choice, and what you would like to have put in the bulletin. The cost is $50 for the pair of altar flowers. Pulpit flowers are also available. The cost for the single bouquet of pulpit flowers is $35.

MINISTRY SITE PROFILE As part of our preparation for the Call Process we are asking members of our congregation to complete 2 surveys, the results of which will become an integral part of our Ministry Site Profile. The Ministry Site Profile is a more extensive document that will be posted online for prospective candidates. Survey forms are available in the back of the nave. Please complete one if you have not already done so.