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The Spectrum

January, 2014


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Sunday, January 5TH, Epiphany of Our Lord

8:00am - Holy Communion in Chapel

9:15am - Sunday school/ Youth Ministry

10:30am - Holy Communion




Sunday, January 12TH, Baptism of Our Lord

The Rev. Walter Edmonds Presiding & Preaching

8:00am - Holy Communion in Chapel

9:15 am - Sunday School/Confirmation/Youth Ministry

10:30am - Holy Communion

No Coffee hour






Sunday, January 19th, Epiphany 2

Of the Lands and Seasons

  The Rev. Sarah Hershberger Presiding & Preaching                                             

8:00am - Holy Communion in Chapel

9:15am - Sunday School /Confirmation/Youth Ministry

10:30am - Holy Communion

Hunger appeal offering

Coffee hour






Sunday, January 26TH, Epiphany 3

8:00am - Holy Communion in Chapel

9:15am - Sunday School/Confirmation/Youth Ministry

10:30am - Holy Communion

Coffee hour



From the pastor


January Column

I write as we prepare to celebrate, under the late night sky, the birth of Jesus, where candlelight and twinkling tree lights will illumine the cold night. We greet this same light of Emmanuel at a Good Friday Tenebrae (Latin for “shadows”) service, where we hear (as on Christmas Day) in John’s gospel, 1:5,  the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it. As Sister Joan Chittister writes about Easter being not far from Christmas, No manger, no cross.  No cross, no empty tomb.  It was all of a piece.[1]

So we must think way ahead at the start of a new year…through Epiphany, into Lent and on to Good Friday and Easter. Traditionally, the Lenten season brings with it education for those new to the Christian faith, preparation for baptism and also a time of instruction for youngsters who are preparing to take their first communion. In this spirit, I invite families whose youngsters have never had communion instruction to consider working with your pastor and your children in late winter on this vital instruction of the faith. At St. Luke, children have been invited to take bread when gathered ‘round at communion- a sign of welcome- yet not fully commune until they are kindergarten age or older.

I will be making a list in January of those ready for instruction and ordering the book  A Place for You (Daniel Erlander)–suitable for coloring ,reading, story-telling, exploring puzzles and more, and it will be the means for the  instruction. This book will be given to each child. (You will remember Dan Erlander’s whimsical sketches from the bulletin cover on Pentecost,  my first Sunday at St. Luke and also from the invitation card for my installation.)


Here is an example of some of the art in A Place for You which will make the book a cornerstone of your child’s library. This joyous picture, The Feeding of the Five Thousand, becomes an opportunity for a discussion on meal time and grace and “enough” and the concepts’ connections to Holy Communion.

( FYI - The person in the upper right hand corner behind 5000 people is saying, "Next time let’s get here on time!")

Parents will engage in much of the teaching with your child, though I will be spending at least two hours with each person involved as well. We will also have at least one session with all families and children together. We’ll be ready for the entire group to commune at a service of worship either on Maundy Thursday or after Easter, according the convenience of the families involved.

 In the consecrated elements of bread and wine, God sends the message of free grace, eternal life and shalom (well-being.) May we hold fast to these blessings in our own lives and make the opportunities available for our children to experience them as well. May the light of Christ guide each child of God in every season.


[1] Chittister, Joan. The Liturgical Year. Thomas Nelson, 2009, p.88.

Please leave a message or let me know after worship any Sunday if your child is ready for communion instruction.

                                                            Pastor Elisabeth Aurand



1) This is the year of Matthew’s gospel and, thus, we will focus on the unique slant of Matthew for our winter Bible study. Matthew is not a short gospel, with 28 chapters, and thus, it will take about twelve weeks to complete a reading of the work of this evangelist, who is symbolized in Christian art by a winged man. The format will include a section to read each week, with a possible journaling question on which to meditate. We’ll look for the main facts of what we’ve read and then discuss sections that pose special questions, challenge us, or otherwise spark connections to our experience.

NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE IS REQUIRED. Simply be willing to sit with others for an hour and be open to conversation with others.

This winter session begins Thursday, January 30TH. It takes place from noon to 1 PM.  Those on lunch break are welcomed.  Subsequent session will take place Thursdays.

2) A breakfast group is in formation.  It is hoped that an adequate location, serving an enjoyable and filling breakfast, will be found for a bi-monthly fellowship with a potential study of Matthew. When details are available, they will be announced

WOMEN’S BOOK CLUB meets at 12:15 the second Monday of the month for food, fellowship, and discussion of good books at Julie's Coffee Shop (on the southeast corner of Third & Pine).  The book for the month of January is Orphan Train, A Novel by: Christina Baker Kline. Please join us!



THE SEW-FINE QUILTERS please join us on January 6, 2014, in Bell Hall from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as we resume making quilts for charities. 






Choose a:

sweatshirt (hooded or not---size L or XL)

or a casual pullover t-shirt---CHRISTMAS size M or L

or three pairs of socks--white thermal or white gym socks

and one Christmas card


We know that the crew members like sweatshirts and T-shirts with the names of sports teams, NASCAR HEROES, the Olympics, or other figures or designs.  But no guns, military themes, grotesque figures, or foul language. (Please see the Dec. Newsletter for more information.)


Look for the lighthouse at the back of the church and choose items to purchase as you check out the after-Christmas sales.  Cards are available near the lighthouse if you need one. PLEASE SIGN A CARD WITH YOUR FIRST NAME, ST LUKE LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1400 MARKET STREET, WILLIAMSPORT, PA 17701. 





Three new households were welcomed into our congregation on Sunday, December 15th:  Elizabeth and Andy Harris (Juliet and Mac); Dan Taormina; and Shelby and Roger Wyland (Allie and Danny)


Elizabeth and Andy Harris met here in Williamsport following college.  She is a graduate of Lycoming College and he of Ohio State.  Elizabeth is from the Midwest and Andy is a native of Williamsport.  Currently, Elizabeth is an at-home-Mom to Juliet (5) and Mac (almost 2).  Andy is a Financial Planner, associated with Comprehensive Financial Group.  They both enjoy skiing and outdoor sports.  Elizabeth is an avid reader while Andy enjoys mountain biking.  The cat, “Spirit” rounds out the family.

NEW MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY ON WEBSITE We now have the ability to display our new Pictorial Directory on the St. Luke Website, thanks to Lifetouch.  You have the option of requesting not to have your photo included.  Just notify the church office of your decision.  The photo directory will be accessable by using a user name and password that will be provided.  With more and more of our members turning to the website for program scheduling and information, this new addition will help us know who is who in our congregation.

BREAKFAST AND BIBLE Our next gathering will be on Friday, January 17, 2014, at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Nancy Long.  Melanie Taromina will lead the lesson on Miriam.  Please join us for breakfast, fellowship and Bible Study as we learn about Biblical Women.

LUNCH WITH PASTOR Come join in on the fellowship of good food and conversation. In January, on the 15, 12:00 noon, we will enjoy lunch at Cloud 9, at the Williamsport airport.  If you intend to attend, please notify the church office.

COLLEGE STUDENTS The ministry for Outreach will gather CARE package goodies for college students or members of our military (who are St. Luke members) during the whole month of January.  Mailing will be the first week in February.  Collection box will be placed inside the west entrance.   Parents……..please make sure the office has updated addresses for any of our youth involved in this mailing.  Thank you.





The Preschool is collecting now for our annual yard sale in July 2014. If you have items you would like to donate, please contact Marilyn Eshleman at 570-322-5202.



DANIEL’S CLOSET is a free clothing ministry at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Needed are clean winter clothing for children and adults. Particular needs are blankets, children’s clothing, and clean sturdy shoes for kids. Almost 300 people were served in Oct. A collection box is located in the west hallway.


PAPER PANTRY (Shepherd of the Streets) Especially needed is deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrushes, soap, shaving cream & razors, tissues, shampoo & conditioner, toilet paper, women’s hygiene products, combs, blankets/sheets/pillowcases, nail clippers, towels & wash cloths, baby diapers, wipes, shampoo, powder, oil, Q-tips. Items will be collected in the West Hall


FOOD PANTRY Items always needed are Oodles of Noodles, mac-n-cheese, granola bars, tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, Chunky Soup, canned fruits, tea bags, powered coffee creamer, saltine crackers, pasta, spaghetti sauce, ketchup & mustard, microwave popcorn, microwave mac-n-cheese, powdered drinks, microwave soup cups.  Our food pantry collection crate is inside the west entranceway door.


THE SENIOR CHOIR rehearsal, Thursday nights at 7:00PM.


HOLDING MEETINGS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES PLEASE clear those dates and times with Sarah Young in the church office to avoid conflicts, Thank you!


RECYCLE YOUR compact fluorescent bulbs here.  Place them in the green collection box located under a chair in the office foyer, and we will recycle them for you.  To date, St. Luke has collected and recycled over 200 CFL’s.  Please note: no straight-tube fluorescent lights, short or long, can be recycled.            

MEMBER BOOKLETS NOW AVAILABLE help yourself to the Manila-backed booklets in the leaflet stands in the back of the church and by the front door.  The booklets detail the ministries of St. Luke. You can re- familiarize yourself with the activities of the church and have a handy list of contact numbers as a reference.

WORSHIP RECORDINGS are available in the office foyer if you missed a week and would like to hear the service.

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE We encourage you to fill out the yellow prayer request cards found in the wooden box on the wall in the back of the church. You may return them to the pastor or to the office by placing them in the mailbox outside the office door.

TO START THE PRAYER CHAIN, please call Shirley Collins at 323-6784 or Leah Lewis at 323-4103.

ON THE MOVE If you are moving, or will be away for a time, PLEASE notify the office of your new address. Thank you

PHONE TREE USE AT ST. LUKE As you may have noticed, we have been making use of the new phone tree system at St. Luke.  If you do not want to be part of the phone tree system, please call the church office in order to have your name removed from it.  We appreciate your thoughtful response.

EXPECTING TO BE HOSPITALIZED?  Federal regulations require hospitals to keep your admission completely private.  If you choose not to have your name, location in the hospital or medical condition released, the only way we will know you are in the hospital is if you inform us. If you or a family member is hospitalized, please call the office (323-7309).  If you want to be visited, do not rely on the hospital to let us know.

Thank you……

Thank you to Ruth Croyle for arranging delivery of our beautiful tree,

to Jesse Young, Bob & Barb McCullough,

 Ray Schreckengast, and Floyd & Mary Jane Webster for

 all they did to beautify the Sanctuary for Christmas.


Thank you also to Sarah Young for arranging the

poinsettias in the Chapel.


The Advent wreath is given to the glory of God and in loving memory of

Harold Lewis by the Lewis Family.


We thank Sarah Young for supplying the greens and caring for the

Advent wreath during this season.


We thank Ruth Croyle and her family for donating the

shapely fir tree which became the “Jesse Tree” for

last week’s Advent workshop along with the

Christmas tree in the Nave.



Serving in January
5TH 8:00       David Michael David Keating    
10:30 Rick & Diane Gonzalez Brad Nason,  TBA Ruth Croyle Dan Lamade Carol Steck Marilyn Eshleman David & Becky Masden 
Charles Lamade
12TH 8:00       Sondra Fisher Nancy McCarty    
10:30 Dave & Becky Masden Brad Nason,  TBA David Bailey Bill Liptak Jim Stuchell Chip Edmonds Lentz/
Dwight Rhodes, Strother
Howard Cowles  
19TH 8:00       Sally Labenberg Nancy McCarty    
10:30 Broch Family Brad Nason,  TBA Sue Beidler Charles Mextorf Nancy Wood Carol Steck Bloom/ Moyer
Dwight Rhodes,
Howard Cowles
26TH 8:00       Nancy McCarty David Keating    
10:30 Chris Pysher &  Brad Nason,  TBA Barbara Coats David Briggs Linda Herbst Mark Bergren Ken & Mabel Welsh Charles Mextorf
Helen Radke Dwight Rhodes,
  Howard Cowles


Altar Care: Cindy Belles

Lay Cell Schedule: 5th Williams/Reeder, 12th Collins/Wolfe, 19th Mahler/Bregren, 26th Taormina/TBA

Counter’s: 6th Leah Lewis & Joanne Harner, 13th Chris Pysher & Eleanor Mextorf, 20th Charles & Betty Paris, 27th Leah Lewis & Joanne Harner

Flower Delivery: 5th Bailey, 12th Dapp & DeLong, 19th Haller, Gonzalez & McCarty




Happy Anniversary


Joan and Clarence Knaus 1/29/1955

Lynn and David Shade 1/22/1977




Holiday office hours


The office will be closed:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, December 25th – 27th

and Wednesday, January 1st


We will be open:

Monday, December 30th from 9-12 noon, 1-3 and

 Tuesday, December 31st, 9-12