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Pre‐School at St. Luke Flower Sale

This year the flowers for our Annual Mother s Day Flower Sale are coming from Helminiak s Greenhouse in
Old Lycoming Twp.  There are hanging baskets, potted flowers, and planters.  All the information for color
choices and prices are on the order form accesible below.   If you are ordering from a pre‐school
student please write the child s name next to Seller s Name.  Please include your phone number so we can
contact you if needed.

Next to the name of the flower are color choices. please mark the quantity you want on the lines.  Mark the
total price on the bottom of the form.  Checks may be written to The Pre‐School at St. Luke.  The flower sale
will run from Friday, March 31 to Friday, April 21, 2017.

The flowers will be delivered to St. Luke Church on Monday, May 8.  You may pick up your order that day
between 5‐7pm in Bell Hall.  You may also pick them up at the church before or after pre‐school on the 9th.
Here is a description of the flowers Helminiak s is offering:

1. The 10 planter will have a spike, geranium, and bedding plants.
2. The 11 begonia hanging basket is either sun or shade.
3. The petunia hanging basket is offered in grape vein. This means the petals will be light purple with
darker purple veins.
4. Under the 4.5 potted annuals, no flower has a color choice.  They will be whatever color they have
available on the day they fill our order.

If you do not wish to order flowers this year, but would still like to support the Pre‐School, you can make a
monetary donation.  Just write the amount you would like to donate on the Total line on the order form.
If you have any questions please contact Charles Mahler at or 570‐322‐8840 or
Jennifer Larson at or 570‐435‐3170.  The Pre‐School at St. Luke appreciates your help and
support with our Annual Mother s Day Flower Sale.

*Helminiak s will do their best to honor flower color choices, but they cannot guarantee them.

Click  Here for Printable Order Form